Hi Guys! We did not even start yet, but GDPR is knocking on our doors.

General Data Protection Regulation

To put it very simply – privacy policy is updated/generated, to meet those requirements, but what is most important fact – we collect anonymized IP data with Google Analytics, and we use social plugins from Facebook and Google. And that is it. Nothing more will ever be there, we don’t want to know Your email address, we don’t want You to sign to a newsletter. We just want to know, how and why our blog is crap, or why it actually helps You.

Have fun and don’t ignore GDPR. We believe, it is a very important thing.

Hi! What is it all about?

First things first – Hello Dear Reader. Thank You for dropping by.

You can find 548 771 blogs similar to Why not to make another one! If You wonder who am I (hope to have more blog friends in the future, so lets assume “who are we”), just check out the about section. The main reason for building our site is the willing to share and obtain knowledge (and fun of course). For years I have been reading books, websites and watching tutorials. It is about time to give something from myself. I believe, that having notes online is a very efficient form of learning and remembering stuff. Before You publish, You need to think about the content. Your job is not always a place to use all skills You have obtained. You need a springboard to have fun, and not let Your skills to fade during time. It would be great to have You Guys, community, which can say what is wrong with our approach and what can we improve. If You can see any bug, wrong conception etc. – just let us know, we are more than happy to correct.

There is no schedule for this blog’s entries. As team is very small now, let us have fun without another deadlines. We will revolve around Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python and some APIs, frameworks. Libraries will also have cameos. Same goes for tools and utilities.

Ok, my friend with four legs and a tail is waiting. Time to go. Till later, Geeks 🙂