Sorting algorithms visualized – reference material

At some point in time, everybody needs to remember basic (sorting) algorithms. But how to do that? It is quite easy:

  • learn it,
  • code it,
  • from time to time, recall it – for example, by watching an awesome visualization.

The “awesome visualization of sorting algorithms”? Yes, that is the goal of this post. I found something old, but gold. Please take a look, how different sorting algorithms look like in action. Enjoy and thank You Timo Bingman for bringing such a great material.

15 sorting algorithms in 6 minutes

Merge Sort Algorithm in JAVA

If You are interested in general purpose, common sorting algorithm, I do recommend You to take a look at merge sort algorithm. The type of this algorithm is, of course, divide and conquer. Briefly – You are going to take an input (list, array) and divide it into halves as many times as possible until You reach 1-element sublist. Then, You need to merge it again. After it finished, final output is the sorted input. Read more for the code example, visualization and full recipe. (..)