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Jakub “Kubanino” Dubański

It is me, young and full of energy
Jakub Dubański about picture

Let’s try, I am a talkative person..

I’m a geek. I love DC Comics in general (comics, cartoons, games). When I was 4, my father gave me my first computer (thank You father for ruining budget on 133mhz CPU). Since then (1996/1997) I have been emotionally attached to all computers I have ever used. Some may say, that I was born too late, and there is no new Facebook to be created now. But I don’t think so. Hope never dies.

When I was 13, I failed to create a dynamic content delivery for my first, crafted with love website (about Smallville, of course) – instead, I had been editing tons of static HTML pages. Enlightenment came in 2008/2009. It was a breakthrough. I discovered PHP, MySQL. I was digging more into how it works. During the process, my website was SQL injected 726 times and base64 encoded s**t was everywhere. Slowly I was discovering why. I have learned some JS, some CSS. Friends asked me to do websites for them. My first “salary” was “huge”, I was able to buy new GPU and play Crysis (it does not matter that my parents were 100% sure that it was the same computer they gave me when I was 4).

University …

Within 2008 – 2011 time period me and my friend Dawid Rydzek did some freelance stuff, creating websites, fan pages, just to drop this idea in late 2011. Why? To start studying at university, of course! AGH University of Science and Technology, Automatic and Robotics. I was not a good student (which could be “the” surprise, because till the end of High School I was always equipped with A-grade belt and even had few successes with math contests, yeaah). After the first year, I realized why – I was just not into automatic and robotics at all. I did a mistake, which was dropping (amateur at the point in time) web development and pure computer science in favor of possible-robot-construction thing. I have corrected that mistake, by choosing right MSC path (Computer Science in Control and Management, same faculty). A few years ago I have realized (and accepted), that I need to learn more by myself. Isn’t it the process of growing old?

Now I’m just a regular JAVA developer working for a huge company, finally being happy with what I am doing with my life on a daily basis. I am more focused on Java than ever before. I have converted from (mostly) vanilla PHP-driven world, and even if Java is not a youngster, it is a giant leap for me.

Where Can You find me?

  • LinkedIn – if You are interested in my skills and very professional profile
  • GitHub – if you want to see why it is abandoned (“for now” at least) and why it is totally opposite in my GitHub account at work
  • Twitter – I’m here too, with no friends, but it is cool to have Twitter in Poland
  • Skype– well, same as GitHub, You love it even more after 8 hours of being muted from Monday to Friday
  • Facebook – because I’m a real person – it is the proof
  • Goldenline – because there is a chance that some dinosaurs out there are using that
  • SoloLearn – just to kick Your a***s on fast-Java-challenge
  • Gravitar – should help with avatar standards and I just recommend it for You
  • Google+ – it is Google, it has to be good
  • Kuala.pl – the graveyard of projects R.I.P
  • UCode.pl– polish public-class.com counterpart
  • Instagram – not yet, not yet, but maybe our dog would like to have it?
  • dock.io – Well. nice idea
  • StackOverflow – because (probably) it is a nice thing to have an account there
  • remote.com – If we have nothing to do, without a job, without hope…